ashley karyl

Ashley Karyl

About me

I am a professional photographer based in the UK, who spent 11 years working in Milan on commercial assignments for a number of well known editorial and beauty cosmetics clients, before returning to the UK.

The majority of my work was advertising based and I was known primarily for my clean colour studio images. This was ironic, because I really wanted to shoot black & white on location, however it quickly became clear that colour paid the bills and I Ioved creating fresh, vibrant images with an optimistic feel.

A big part of beauty photography involves accurate colour and I started at a time when photographers had little real control compared to now. Colour management was still limited in scope, but I became one of the early adopters, because accurate colour was essential on big budget productions for advertising campaigns.

More recently, I wrote a book called Colour Management Pro, aimed at making colour management an integral part of every photographer’s workflow. It was a huge challenge that took almost four years to complete, but it has helped a considerable number of photographers to produce excellent colour on a consistent basis with little stress.

At present, I am in a transition phase, having left commercial photography behind and moving towards fine art photography, while also running a full service design studio called Murasaki.

The work shown on this site is a small random selection from some of the photography I did in the past, but in the near future I will update the site with my new work, as I concentrate purely on the images and subjects I love.

It’s traditional on pages like this to list past clients and work, so some of mine have included Cerruti 1881, IO Donna, Collistar, J Walter Thompson, La Rinascente, Rimmel, Neutro Roberts, Kelemata, K√©rastase, Marie Claire, Young & Rubicam, Ogilvy One, IPC Media, TBWA, Arnoldo Mondadori, Rizzoli, Euro RSCG, Microsoft, Hachette, Adidas, City Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Boots Group, Colgate Palmolive, etc.